Travel Insurance Case Studies

Where Australia

How much $20,000

What Medical claim – Heart Attack

Why Brian and his wife had travelled to Noosa, Gold Coast to stay in a time-share resort for two weeks. While staying there he suffered a heart attack and was admitted to hospital and was not expected to live. His daughters flew over to be with him and it was ‘touch and go’ for one week but Brian pulled through. He was hospitalised for a further 4 weeks before being able to fly home to New Zealand. He required a doctor escort and an upgrade to business class. The policy also covered his wife’s additional accommodation costs and meals etc while he has hospitalised.

Where United States

How much $340,000

What Medical Expenses – Motor Vehicle Accident

Why Richard and Sandra were traveling to a conference in the USA. They were involved in a traffic accident when another driver ran a red light while talking on his cell phone. The clients were rushed to hospital. Richard suffered a broken ankle and concussion; he required immediate surgery to insert a plate in to his ankle. Sandra broke her legs, suffered head injuries and severe bruising. She was in Intensive care for 3 days and required 3 operations. She then developed an infection in the titanium rod inserted in her leg and was readmitted to hospital and required further surgery to save her leg. She was hospitalized for a further two weeks and required a Business class upgrade to travel home

Where Zambia, Africa

How much $94,000

What Medical Expenses – Leg Injury

Why Dean traveled to Africa for the Tri-Nations rugby matches. While there he was doing some sight seeing in Zambia. He was viewing the falls in this country and stepped back through a plate glass window behind him. The glass went through his calf muscle and severed an artery. The local doctor contacted our office as the client had our emergency card in his wallet however he could not give us any policy details. Dean was in a “life and death” situation as he was losing a large amount of blood – he required a vascular surgeon in Johannesburg so we flew him by air ambulance to South Africa, prior to confirming policy details, or the client would have died. He required 3 operations in Johannesburg and was hospitalized for 3 weeks before being able to fly home with a doctor escort in first class. The client still had tickets for the South Africa – NZ tri-nations game that was played while he was in hospital. He was able to be taken by ambulance and receive wheelchair assistance so he could still attend the game!!

Where Beijing, China

How much $6,000

What Medical Expenses – Food Poisoning

Why Allan was traveling in China; he was due to fly home to NZ in 3 hours and was struck down with severe food poisoning. He was quickly taken to hospital and was hospitalized for 3 days. The air tickets for himself and his wife had to be amended. Extra accommodation and meals where also arrange for Allan?s wife while he recovered in hospital.

Where Korea

How much $2,500

What Curtailment Costs – Ill Father in NZ

Why David was teaching in Korea on a 12 month contract. He was contacted by his family in NZ and advised that his father had suffered a heart attack and urgently required a triple bypass operation. Mr. Green was able to claim under his policy for curtailing his travels and fly home immediately to be with his family.

Where Fiji

How much $3,500

What Travel Delay & Medical Expenses – Chicken Pox

Why Claire was staying in Fiji with her two daughters and her sister. She was ready to return to NZ when her older daughter was diagnosed with chicken pox. She was forced to delay her return to NZ for herself and her daughter for one week. She was covered under her policy for the extra accommodation and meals for this week and medical costs for her daughter. An amendment fee was also charged by the airline to alter her return date to NZ.

Where Australia

How much $44,000

What Medical Expenses – Blocked Carotid Artery

Why Mr. Roberts, from Tauranga, was hospitalised in Australia, after losing the sight in one eye and some memory. He was staying with his son?s family in Adelaide at the time. He was admitted to hospital and they performed a cat scan, which found that he had a blocked carotid artery, and required surgery before he was able to fly back to NZ. Under the public health system the surgery could not be done in Australia for 6 weeks. His insurance would therefore have had to cover his meals and accommodation for that period and alter his original flight or we could opt to have the surgery performed privately and fly the client back to NZ as soon as possible. The company chose to have this surgery performed in a private hospital and fly the client back to NZ with a doctor escort when he was discharged.

Where Australia

How much $1,065

What Rental Vehicle Excess – Reversed into Pole

Why Ben was traveling to Sydney and hired a rental vehicle from Avis. While parking his car in a down town car park he reversed in to a concrete pole. The damage to his vehicle totaled AUD$925.00 which was less then the excess on his rental vehicle insurance policy. However he was able to claim this amount back through his travel policy.

Where Milan, Italy

How much $2,000

What Emergency Baggage – Lost baggage

Why Chris and Teresa travelled to Italy for a friends wedding. Unfortunately the airline lost both their bags in transit and they arrived at their destination with nothing but what they stood up in! The bags did not arrive in Italy for a further 8 days. Luckily they were able to claim $1000 each for emergency purchases under their travel policy.

Where Disneyland, Florida

How much $750

What Baggage Claim – Lost Digital Camera

Why David and his family flew to the States for a long awaited vacation. Unfortunately while enjoying their time at Disneyland, David left his new camera on the roller coaster. He reported in to the park office and the local police but it was not found. Luckily he was able to claim on his travel policy for his camera that was purchased for the trip. We were able to arrange a replacement camera for him when he returned to NZ.

Where NZ Rural

What Unrepaired Fence

Why Insured felling tree on rural block that accidentally falls on neighbours fence of empty paddock. Insured pulls up wires but fails to attach onto post. Following week neighbour puts deer into paddock that find gap in fence and escape into forest beyond. Costs claimed for lost deer by farmer.